Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tumi Rahman Tumi Meherban: A popular Bengali song translated into English

This is a popular Bengali song praising the One True God. It is called 'Tumi Rahman Tumi Meherban'. I don't know who wrote this great song, but I tried to translate it into English getting the best out of it. God is the Greatest!
If you want to hear the song, it's available on YouTube sung by one of my favourite singers Saifullah Mansur:

তুমি রহমান তুমি মেহেরবান।
অন্ধ গাহে না শুধু তোমারই গুণগান।
বুঝেও বোঝে না তব শান।

জনম জনম যদি গাহি,

তোমারই মহিমা গাওয়া শেষ হবে নাহি।
ভরেও ভরে না যেন সাহারা এ প্রাণ।

তোমারই করুণা ঘেরা সারা দুনিয়া।

সে কথা ভাবে না শুধু বধির হিয়া।

কখনো তোমারে যদি ভুলি,

হেদায়াতের আলো জেলে নিও কাছে তুলি।
ঠাঁই দিও প্রিয়তম ওগো দয়াবান।

English Translation by me:

O You! You are the Most Merciful, You are the Most Benevolent.

Only this culprit blind soul does not care to offer You your worthy praises.
He is oblivious to Your Greatness though he does understand it.

If I could continue to praise You throughout this worldy life and the Hereafter,

Indeed I cannot do enough for your worthy praises.
And still this thirsty soul would not get relieved of its Sahara-like thirst.

Indeed this world is filled with your mercy to the brim.

But this culprit deaf soul does not care to even ponder over that fact.

If I ever forget You slipping off your constant remembrance and praise for a moment,

Please draw me near to You again enkindling the light of Guidance.
Please bestow on me a shelter in You. O You! The Most Merciful!