Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thankingly I ask

Really really thankful to you, O my dear Lord!
For all the favours you've kept me drowned in
Throughout the year that has just passed
Lovingly forgiving, O Subtle, our God!
Everytime obliviously I kept crossing the line
You were the one to turn me back on track.
Lost support, lost hope but you were never lost
To hear my call, to gift me things I never thought.
Flood our coming days with your love and mercy.
Keep the devils away from us, O Lord Almighty!
Pour upon us from the grail of all the patience.
Fill our hearts with humble benevolence.
Count us with those that have been your nearest.
Help us show the light to the lost and the diseased.

Jahid Akon
New Year's Day 2015
Oslo, Norway

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